For more than four years, I’ve been working on a physiological analysis system and formula. The goal is simple: to determine your athletic profile with three physiological tests that you can do at home with very little equipment.

When you join the BLOC Plan, you’ll be assigned two weeks of training. Everyone goes through these two weeks. The exercises will target your weaknesses as an athlete and determine the four 10-week training blocks that are right for you. Why work on your endurance if it’s one of your strengths? With a comprehensive and easy-to-understand physiological profile, we know exactly what to work on. We target your weaknesses, accelerating your progress exponentially.



We use 1-minute and 20-minute critical power tests, the endurance index and the running VO2max. This last test is meant to be particularly accessible, as it can be completed in 6 minutes. The results will indicate your strengths and weaknesses. It will then be easy to assign you one of the 36 possible BLOC Plans, each targeting different physiological improvements and different training trajectories.

Again, the BLOC Plan team takes the long way round. We don’t squeeze the plan into 12 or 16 weeks; this would increase the risk of injury due to a lack of progression and a lack of time to properly develop each area needing improvement.

Coach Francis