When the coach is thinking of you…

I’ve been reflecting on a very general question that affects many people. “What should I prioritize between now and my 2020 season in order to improve?”

The obvious answer is that it depends on the individual. And so, the article would end there… but no! I’m not talking about physiology, but more about the choices you make and the time you spend for training.


Priority number 1

In my opinion, one supervised swim session per week is the minimum. Filmed feedback, or even feedback demonstrating the right movement to make, is a plus.


Priority number 2

A training plan. Whether you stick to a generic plan or get private coaching, you have to have a certain level of discipline and follow a plan to ensure that you are progressing and reaching your peak at the right time.


Priority number 3

Enjoyment. When we take this out of the equation, it’s over. I’m not saying that all training sessions will be fun or that there will not be pain. But put simply, you have to find joy in pushing your limits. Finding a club, a group or friends to train with, who inspire us and lift us up, is great motivation.


Same formula = Same results

Getting into triathlon or aiming for a better performance at an upcoming competition certainly calls for time, sweat and discomfort. If you use the same formula next season, the results will probably be the same. You have to target what you don’t do and what you like the least and make these a PRIORITY.

Keep these priorities in mind and have fun!