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About The Bloc

Analysis protocol

 For more than four years, I’ve been working on a physiological analysis system and formula. The goal is simple: to determine your athletic profile with three physiological tests that you can do at home with very little equipment.

 When you join the BLOC Plan, you’ll be assigned two weeks of training. Everyone goes through these two weeks. The exercises will target your weaknesses as an athlete and determine the four 10-week training blocks that are right for you. Why work on your endurance if it’s one of your strengths? With a comprehensive and easy-to-understand physiological profile, we know exactly what to work on. We target your weaknesses, accelerating your progress exponentially.

Coach Francis


We use 1-minute and 20-minute critical power tests, the endurance index and the running VO2max. This last test is meant to be particularly accessible, as it can be completed in 6 minutes. The results will indicate your strengths and weaknesses. It will then be easy to assign you one of the 36 possible BLOC Plans, each targeting different physiological improvements and different training trajectories.

Again, the BLOC Plan team takes the long way round. We don’t squeeze the plan into 12 or 16 weeks; this would increase the risk of injury due to a lack of progression and a lack of time to properly develop each area needing improvement.



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Your data + our analyses = optimized training

Training designed with your data and our analyses means better results in less time.



The bloc has been building a community of triathletes passionate in Canada for more than 4 years We are now launching in US Join The Bloc family, connect with athletes, coaches, and staff, and experience The Bloc for yourself.

About the coach

Francis Bachand

Francis Bachand

Francis is the Head Coach and founder of Capitale Natation and Capitale Triathlon clubs.

With his positions as head coach of Capitale Natation and Capitale Triathlon and also as Race Director of Triathlon Duchesnay, he has more than 10 years of experience in training both professional and age-group athletes who want to improve their performance. He brought over a hundred athletes to the Ironman finish line.

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He coached and led the Quebec team to the National Championships. He also coached the Canadian junior team at the 2017 Pan American Championships.

 He has a diploma from the National Sports Institute (equivalent of a USAT level 4 certification????). Passionate about cycling, running, and swimming, he has, over the years, been able to perfect his knowledge by following several training classes such as Power and Sensor, Interpretation and Precision of UQTR.

 As a Veterant, he served in the Canadian Armed Forces from 2002 to 2018. This significant experience in his career will have allowed him to develop rigor, discipline, and also to maintain an exemplary life balance.


  • Head Coach for Condors swim team 2018-2019-2020
  • Canadian Junior Team Coach- 2017 Pan American Championships
  • Quebec championship team Coach 2014 and 2016
  • National Sports Institute Coach for Project Winnipeg – Canada Games
  • Svartman Coaching Training Camp Coach
  • Coaching performance camp Trois Temps Coaching
  • More than thirty triathlons, including several Ironman and half Ironman

 Diploma and certifications:

  • Diploma from the National Sports Institute (DAE) – 2018-2019 Cohort
  • NCCP certification in triathlon, competition, and development
  • UQTR Power and Sensor, Interpretation, and Precision training
  • Multisport NCCP training, Introduction to competition (level 4)
  • Spinning Studio Cycle Instructor


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